SM WO Inv Desc Cust Options Form

Use the SM WO Inv Desc Cust Options form to include selected fields in the Description of Work field for SM work order invoices posted to this customer.

Access this form by clicking WO Invoice Desc of Work Options on the Info tab of the SM Customers form. Fields from related work orders, work order scope, trips and work completed lines can be selected for inclusion in the SM Work Order Invoice description when it is created, and will display in the order that you select.

Note: Whereas this form's functionality is for setting customer defaults, company overrides are set from the SM WO Invoice Desc. Co Options form. Options selected on this form will override those selected on the SM WO Invoice Desc. Co Options form.

Select the check box next to each field that you want to include on the SM Invoice Review form and SM Invoice report. You can also highlight a particular line and use one of the Move buttons to move the line to your preferred ordering.

Note: If you have a custom label set for a field, this custom label will be used as the label instead of the field name.
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