Set Up a Labor Code

Set up a labor code. Labor codes identify repairs or resolutions that commonly occur when performing service work.

  1. In the Labor Code field, enter a labor code that identifies a common repair or resolution.
  2. Enter a description of the labor code in the Description field.
    Note: This description defaults as the description for work completed labor entries referencing the specified labor code.
  3. Check the Active box to activate the labor code.
    Note: You may leave the Active box unchecked if you do not want to activate the labor code; however, inactive labor codes will not be included in labor code lookups (F4s) and cannot be assigned to work completed labor records.
  4. In the JC Cost Type field, enter the JC cost type to use as a default for work completed labor lines (on job work orders) that reference the labor code.
    Note: Assigning a JC cost type here does not prevent you from using the labor code on a customer work order. The system will only default the JC Cost Type for job work orders.