About Attaching SM Batch Reports to HQ Batch Control

You can have Service Management batch reports attached to HQ Batch control records so that you can access them for review after a batch is posted.

Service Management handles batch processing a little differently than other modules in that they are processed "behind the scenes". This means that the system automatically creates, validates, and posts a batch without ever exposing the batch processing form.

For purchase orders, this happens as soon as you save a purchase order (in SM Purchase Order Entry) and close the form. For work completed inventory, miscellaneous, and equipment lines, the Auto Post New Work Completed check box in SM Company determines whether batch processing occurs when saving a work completed line or when selecting to process them via the SM Work Order Cost Posting form.

Work completed labor lines and work completed purchase lines are handled as follows:

  • When you save a work completed labor line, the system auto-generates a timesheet record (in PR Timesheets). Once you approve the timesheet and send it to PR Timecard Entry, it will go through the standard timecard batch process.

  • Work completed purchase lines are created automatically when you post an SM-related PO batch; no further batch processing occurs at the work completed line level.

Because batches are processed behind the scenes, you do not have access to the audit reports generated during batch validation. However, you do have the ability to access the reports after batch processing has occurred by attaching the batch reports to the related batch records in HQ Batch Control. You can do this by selecting the Attach Batch Reports to HQ Batch Control check box in SM Company Parameters (highly recommended). Once a batch is posted, you can retrieve the related batch reports in HQ Batch Control. For information about how to retrieve SM batch reports, see Retrieving SM Batch Reports.


If you elect to use the Attach Batch Reports option, make sure that users who will be entering work completed or posting cost batches (via SM Work Order Cost Posting) have access to the related batch reports. The system checks security for the related batch reports during the batch process. If a user does not have access to the appropriate batch reports, they will be unable to save work completed lines (if auto-posting batches) or process a work completed batch (if not auto-posting batches). For more information about auto-posting batches, see Auto Post New Work Completed.

Additionally, access to attachments generated through this process is restricted to HQ Batch Control. If you have secured the HQ Batch Control form, users will only be able to access the batch reports if they have access to HQ Batch Control. Unlike regular attachments, indexes are not created for batch report attachments and you cannot access them using DM Attachment Search.