Retrieve SM Batch Reports

You can retrieve the audit reports generated for Service Management batches using the HQ Batch Control form.

If you selected the Auto Post New Work Completed check box in SM Company Parameters, when you enter and save work completed lines in SM Work Orders, the system automatically creates, validate, and processes the batches without ever exposing the batch processing form. This means that the batch reports generated by those batches will only be available for review if you selected the Attach Batch Reports to HQ Batch Control checkbox in SM Company Parameters.

In addition, because the batch reports are generated behind the scenes, you will not have access to the batch ID number. So when retrieving audit reports in HQ Batch Control, you can use the following process to locate them.

  1. Open the HQ Batch Control form.
  2. In the Company field, enter the number of the SM company for which you are retrieving batch reports.
  3. Enter the batch month in the Month field.
  4. In the Batch ID field, press F4 to access the batch lookup.
  5. In the Created column of the Filter bar, enter the date of the transaction you want to access (for example, 7/15). Do not enter the year, as it is assumed.
  6. In the CreatedBy column, enter the login of the person who created the batch.
  7. In the Status field, enter 5 (you can only access audit reports for batches that have been successfully posted).
  8. Using the Source field, locate the batch(es) you want. Sources for SM-related batches are:
    • PO Entry - Assigned to batches created and posted via the SM Purchase Order Entry form.

    • SM Inv - Assigned to batches created and generated via the SM Invoice Preview form.

    • SMEquipUse - Assigned to batches created and posted by entry of work completed equipment line (Type1-Equip).

    • SMLedgerUp - Assigned to batches created by entry of a work completed miscellaneous line (Type3-Misc) and posted using SM Batches and SM Batch Process.

  9. Select the batch from the filtered list and click OK.
    You are returned to the HQ Batch Control form.
  10. From the toolbar, click Attachments.
    The Attachment Form form displays, listing the audit reports.
  11. You can then view, export, or print reports as desired.