Set up SM Cost Types

Use the SM Cost Types form to set up the cost types that will be used to identify the categories of work to which costs are posted on work orders.

Once you set up cost types here, you can assign them to work completed lines in SM Work Orders.

  1. From the Programs menu of Service Management, open the SM Cost Types form.
  2. In the SM Cost Type field, enter a number to identify the cost type.
  3. In the Description field, enter a description of the cost type.
  4. From the SM Cost Type Category drop-down, select L-Labor, E-Equipment, M-Material, O-Other, or S-Subcontracts to identify the category of costs represented by the cost type.
  5. If you selected the M-Material cost type category, use the Matl Offset GL Acct field to enter the offset account for non-standard materials entered on a work completed inventory line.
  6. In the JC Cost Type field, enter the JC cost type to use as a default for work completed lines (on job work orders) that reference the SM cost type.
  7. If the cost type is taxable, select the Taxable for Sales or Use check box.
    Note: Leaving this check box unselected does not prevent taxes being posted to the work completed line if the material, site, or service center are taxable.
  8. If you selected the M-Material cost type category, and selected the Taxable for Sales or Use check box, use the Material Taxability drop-down list to specify whether your Material-specific cost types should default to S-Sales, U-Use, or B-Both.
  9. Save the record.