Set Up SM Pay Types

Set up pay types in SM Pay Types.

  1. From the Programs menu of Service Management, double-click on the SM Pay Types icon. This opens the SM Pay Types form.
  2. In the Pay Type field, enter a pay type code to represent the pay level you are setting up (e.g. REG, OT, DT, HOL, etc.).
  3. Enter a description of the pay type in the Description field.
  4. Select the cost method (0-Multiplier or 1-Dollar Rate) from the Cost Method drop-down. The cost method determines how the system will derive the cost rate for work completed labor entries (in SM Work Orders).
  5. If you selected the 0-Multiplier cost method, use the Factor field to specify the multiplier for the cost method (i.e. 1.00 for regular time, 1.5 for time and one/half, 2.00 for double-time, etc.).
    Note: The system multiplies this value by the technician's pay rate to determine the Cost Rate for work completed labor entries (in SM Work Orders).

    If you selected the 1-Dollar Rate cost method, use the Rate/Amount field to enter the override pay rate.

    Note: The amount entered in this field will be used instead of the technician's standard pay rate (defined in SM Technicians).
  6. In the Earnings Code field, enter earnings code to use as the default when entering timesheets or timecards (in PR My Timesheet or PR Timecard Entry, respectively) that reference this pay type.
    Note: You must enter a valid timesheet earnings code (you checked the Include in Remote Timesheet Entry box in PR Earnings Codes). Press F4 for a list of valid timesheet earnings codes.
  7. Check the Active box to activate the pay type.
    Note: Inactive pay types will not display in F4 lookups, nor can they be referenced when entering work completed labor on a work order (in SM Work Orders).