Adjust the Billing Amount for a Flat Price Scope

You can adjust the billing amount for a flat price scope when you only want to bill a portion of the total amount.

The following details how to adjust the billing amount for a flat price scope.
Note: If the work order scope was generated from an agreement service (via SM Generate PM Work Orders), you can only edit the Description field.
  1. In SM Invoice Review, locate the invoice and select the flat price scope sequence to edit.
  2. Click Edit Record.
    The SM Invoice Flat Price Change form displays.
  3. If applicable, adjust the Description field.
  4. In the Billing Amount field, enter the amount to bill for this invoice.
    The system automatically updates the Percent field. Alternately, you can enter a new percentage in the Percent field and the system will automatically update the Billing Amount field.
  5. Save the record.
Once the invoice is billed, the system automatically updates the Previously Billed fields with the values that you entered above. The next time you access this form for the scope, the billing amount defaults to the remaining amount and the percentage defaults to 100% (representing the total remaining to pay).