About Editing/Processing Invoices via SM Invoice

You can use the SM Invoices form to access pending invoices for editing and processing.

Using the Search Criteria in SM Invoices, you can filter invoices so that only those invoices you need to work on are displayed in the grid. Once you locate the invoice you want to edit, double-click the invoice or click the Open button to open the related invoice and make your edits.

For information about processing a single invoice, see Edit and Process a Single Pending SM Invoice.

For information about processing multiple invoices, see Edit and Process Multiple Pending Invoices.

Saving Edits Without Processing

If you edit an invoice but are not ready to process it, you can exit the form without losing your changes. First save the invoice, and then either click the Close button (below the grid) or the X button in the upper corner of the window. Remember that if you are editing multiple invoices in a session, exiting the form closes the entire invoice session. Make sure you save all invoices in the session before exiting.

Canceling Invoices

You can cancel an invoice sesstion by clicking the Cancel button on a pending invoice (work order or agreement). Once canceled, all invoices in the session are deleted. When an invoice is deleted, the following occurs:
  • Work Order Invoices - Work completed lines associated with the invoice will be flagged with a New status and be available for invoicing later (via SM Work Orders or SM Work Order Billing). This includes work completed lines associated with an agreement-related scope flagged as Time and Materials.

  • Flat Price Work Order Invoices - The work order is reopened for billing and will be available for invoicing via SM Work Orders or SM Work Order Billing. Work completed lines for these invoices are not affected, as they are flagged as "non-billable" and are not included on the invoice.

  • Agreement Invoices - The agreement billing is reopened and will be available for invoicing via SM Agreement Billings Due.

Editing Processed Invoices

Once you process an agreement invoice, it is no longer available for editing. You can, however, create an adjustment to the invoice via AR Invoice Entry. For work order invoices, you can edit a processed invoice at any time. However, once you make edits to the invoice, you must either Cancel or Process the changes. You cannot "save" the changes like you can for a pending invoice. If you select Cancel, only the changes will be canceled; the original information will be left intact. If you choose to process the invoice, the SM Batch Process form is displayed, allowing you to post the batch. Once you return to the SM Invoices form, the changes will be updated to the grid.