Edit and Process a Single Pending SM Invoice

You can edit and process a single pending invoice using the SM Invoice form.

Using the Search Criteria, you can filter the invoices so that only those invoices you need to work on are displayed in the grid.
  1. Open the SM Invoice form.
  2. In the Invoice Status section, select Pending Invoice.
  3. In the Invoice Number field of the Search Criteria, enter the invoice to edit.
  4. Click Search.
    The grid refreshes to show only the invoice you selected.
  5. Double-click on the invoice to open the related invoice form. Depending on the invoice type (work order or agreement), this will be either SM Invoice Review or SM Agreement Invoice Review.
  6. Edit the invoice as needed.
    Note: For agreement invoices, only the invoice header information can be changed, as there are no invoice lines. For work order invoices, you can edit the header information and the individual invoice lines. For more information, see Editing Work Order Invoices.
  7. Click Process.
    The AR Batch Process form opens.
  8. Validate and post the batch.
Once you post the invoice, you are returned to the SM Invoices form and the changes are updated to the grid; however, since the invoice is no longer pending, they will be only be available in the Invoiced grid (accessed by selecting the Invoiced status).