About Previewing, Printing, and/or Delivering Invoices

You can preview and print work order and agreement invoices using the SM Invoice form, and then deliver them to designated recipients using the SM Invoice Review or SM Agreement Invoice Review (respectively).

You can use the SM Invoices form to preview processed and pending invoices, as well as to access invoices in their related invoice forms for minor editing, processing, and invoice delivery.
  • Preview Invoices - Clicking the Preview button in SM Invoices launches the report viewer for all invoices selected in the grid. If you selected both agreement and work order invoices, a separate preview screen displays for each invoice type. Additionally, if you are using multiple invoice formats, the system display a different preview screen for each unique custom invoice report (designated in the Custom Invoice Report field of the related invoice form). Invoices using the same custom invoice format are displayed in the same preview screen. Invoices using the standard invoice report are displayed in a separate preview screen.
    Note: Detail shown on the invoice (preview or printed) is based on the Invoice Summary Level selected for the invoice. For more information, see Invoice Summary Level.
  • Print Invoices - You can print invoices via the Preview screen or using the Delivery feature in SM Invoice Review or SM Agreement Invoice Review. You will typically only print invoices via the Preview screen if you are printing a copy for in-house purposes, since this method prints in the "Preview" format. To print invoices in the regular (non-preview) format, you must first process them in SM Invoice Review (work order invoices) or SM Agreement Invoice Review (agreement invoices). This enables the Delivery feature, which you can then use to Print the invoices (see Deliver Invoices below).
    Note: If you want to print previously processed invoices, select the Invoiced status and use the Search Criteria to locate the desired invoices. Then select them in the grid and click the Open button to access the related Invoice Review form.
  • Delivery - Once you process an invoice, the system enables the Recipients tab in the related invoice form, allowing you to modify the recipient information for each invoice. If you are printing an invoice, you must set the Delivery Method to Print for each applicable recipient. If you prefer to deliver invoices via email, set the Delivery Method to Email for the applicable recipient(s). To initiate the print or email process, click the Delivery button.

    For more information about recipients and invoice delivery, see Editing the Recipients List for SM Invoices and Using the Invoice Delivery Feature.