Add/Select Attachments for SM Invoice Delivery

You can add and/or select attachments to include in emails when delivering SM invoices to a customer and/or service site.

If you have set up attachment types for a customer or service site in the SM Customer and Site Attch Types form, the Attachments tab automatically defaults all attachments related to the work order based on the Attch Type IDs / Attch Sources specified for the customer or service site. You can select the attachments to include in the email and/or add new attachments. For more information, see SM Customer and Site Attch Types Form.

The following discusses how to add new attachments and how to select existing attachments to include.

  1. Open the SM Invoices form.
  2. In the Invoice Status section, select Invoiced.
  3. In the Delivery Status section, select Delivered.
  4. Use the Search Criteria to filter the invoices shown in the grid and click Search.
    The grid refreshes to show only those invoices that meet the search criteria.
  5. In the grid, select the Select check box next to the invoice to work with.
  6. Click Open.

    The SM Invoice Review form appears.

  7. Select the Attachments tab and do one of the following:
    Add an Attachment
    1. Click Add Attachment. The Open window displays.
    2. Locate and select the file you want to attach.
    3. Click Open. The uploaded attachment appears on the Attachments tab with with its Select check box selected.
    Select an Existing AttachmentSelect the Select checkbox next to the attachment(s) you want included with the invoice.
When you deliver the invoices, the selected attachments are included in the email.
Note: The invoice attachment functionality only works when emailing invoices; if you're printing the invoice, the attachments will not be printed.