Review SM Invoice Attachments

Before you deliver invoices to selected recipients, you can review attachments that you are including with the invoice.

To review attachments for a work order invoice in SM Invoices:
  1. From the Vista main menu, go to Service Management > Programs > SM Invoices.
    The SM Invoice form displays.
  2. In the Invoice Status section, select Invoiced.
  3. In the Delivery Status section, select Delivered.
  4. Use the Search Criteria to filter the invoices shown in the grid and click Search.
    The grid refreshes to show only those invoices that meet the search criteria.
  5. In the grid, select the Select check box next to the invoice you want to review.
  6. Click Open.

    The SM Invoice Review form appears.

  7. Select the Delivery tab.
  8. Highlight a sequence that has the Has Attachments checkbox selected.
  9. Click the Attachments icon.

    The Attachment form appears, with all associated attachments.

  10. Double-click any particular attachment to review it.