About the Search Criteria in SM Invoices

You can use the search criteria in the SM Invoices form to filter the invoices displayed for selection.

The following options enable you to filter invoices so that you see only those you want to work with:

  • Invoice Status - Select whether to show invoices that are already processed (Invoiced) or those that are waiting to be processed (Pending). The option you select determines which additional filter options are available.

    If you select Invoiced, the Delivery Status options are enabled, as well as all fields in the Search Criteria section. If you select Pending Invoice, the Delivery Status options are disabled, since you can only deliver an invoice after it has been processed. All fields in the Search Criteria section are enabled with the exception of the Delivery Date fields, since they are used in conjunction with the Delivery Status.

  • Delivery Status - You can only use these options when filtering by the Invoiced status. You can select to show All invoices, regardless of their delivery status, or to show only Delivered invoices or Not Delivered invoices. If you select All or Delivered, all Search Criteria fields are enabled. If you select Not Delivered, the Delivery Date fields are disabled.

  • Search Criteria - Use the search criteria to further filter the invoices displayed in the grid. You can filter based on the "bill to" customer, invoice number, and invoice date range. If you selected the Invoiced status and the All or Delivered status, you can also filter invoices by the Delivery Date range.

Note: The Invoice Date field automatically defaults a date one year prior to the current date. This allows for a quicker load time when an extensive number of invoices exist in the system.

Once you set your search criteria, clicking the Search button will populate the grid with all invoices matching the selected criteria. You can then select invoices for previewing (Preview button) or processing and delivery (Open button).