Void an SM Invoice

You can use the Void Invoice option in SM Invoice Review and SM Agreement Invoice Review (File menu) to void invoices that you have already processed (i.e. sent to AR).

Once you void an invoice, it cannot be undone. For more information about what happens when you void an invoice, see see About Voiding Invoices.

You can access an invoice from a number of places: SM Customers, SM Work Orders, SM Service Sites, SM Agreements (agreement invoices only), and SM Invoices. However, for these instructions, we will use the SM Invoices form.

  1. From the Vista main menu, select Service Management > Programs > SM Invoices.
  2. In the Invoice Status section, select the Invoiced radio option.
    The invoice grid lists all invoices that have already been processed.
  3. Use the Search Criteria section to filter the invoices displayed in the grid. If you know the invoice number, enter the number in the Invoice Number field.
  4. Click Search.
    The grid refreshes to show only those invoices matching the selection criteria.
  5. Select the invoice to void from the grid and double-click to open SM Invoice Review (work order invoice) or SM Agreement Invoice Review (agreement invoice).
  6. Select File > Void Invoice. The screen displays a message next to the invoice number indicating the invoice is flagged to be voided when posted.
  7. Click the Process button.
    The AR Batch Process form displays.
  8. Click the Validate button to validate the batch.
  9. Review and print the related batch reports.
  10. Enter the post date in the Posting Date field.
  11. Click the Post button.