SM Agreement Billings Due Form

Use the SM Agreement Billings Due form to generate invoices for agreements that are due for billing.

Filter criteria allows for selecting a single customer and/or agreement type or all customers and/or agreement types. A "due within" filter allows you to pull in agreements that are due within a specified number of days (e.g. due within the next 60 days).

Once you enter your selection criteria and click the Search button, the system populates the grid with all eligible agreements (active or expired agreements that have not yet been billed and meet the selection criteria). You can then select the agreements you want billed and click the Launch Invoice Review button to generate the invoices.

The Additional Info section displays the billing number (e.g. bill 1 of 6) and the effective/expiration dates for the selected agreement. Billing numbers are based on the either the billing schedule for the agreement or the billing schedule for the service associated with the agreement (applies to periodic services that are flagged for separate billing).

Once you generate invoices, the SM Agreement Invoice Review form displays. You can then edit the invoice header information (e.g. invoice number, bill to customer, billing address, etc.); however, you cannot edit the invoice details, as they are based on the services included in the agreement.

Note: Although the invoice details are not shown in the SM Agreement Invoice Review form, they will be included on the invoice report.

When you have finished editing invoices, you can then preview and/or print them, and process the batch. If you are not ready to process the invoices, click the X in the upper right corner of the form to save your changes and exit the form. You can access the invoice later for processing via SM Invoices or the Invoices grids in SM Agreements, SM Customer, or SM Service Sites.

Note: Do not use the Cancel button to exit the form if you are planning to process the invoice later. Clicking the Cancel button will delete the invoice and reset the agreement status to 'ready for billing'.

Click the link below for more information about generating and processing agreement billings.

Generate & Process Agreement Billings