SM Agreement Invoice Review Form

Use the SM Agreement Invoice Review form to edit, preview, and post invoices for agreement billings.

Access this form using any of the following methods:

  • In SM Agreement Billings Due, select the Create check box for an agreement and click the Launch Invoice Review button

  • SM Invoices - Double-click on a selected Agreement invoice

  • SM Agreements - Select the Invoice grid and then double-click on a selected invoice

  • SM Customers - Select the Invoice grid and then double-click on a selected Agreement invoice

You can only generate invoices for active agreements. The system determines billings due (in SM Agreement Billings Due) based on the billing schedule defined for the agreement or for periodic services on the agreement that are flagged for separate billing.

Once you generate an invoice, you can edit the invoice header information. Invoice detail is not shown on the invoice form and is therefore, not editable. However, it is included when you print the invoice.

Note: You can edit an invoice as much as necessary until you are ready to process it. Once you process the invoice, it is sent to Accounts Receivable (AR) and can no longer be edited. You can, however, create an adjustment to the invoice via AR Invoice Entry.Tasks

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