SM Invoices Form

Use the SM Invoices form to preview, process, and/or deliver multiple invoices at one time.

You can select to review either Invoiced or Pending invoices and use the search criteria to additionally filter the invoices shown in the grid.

The Delivery Status options allow you to filter invoices shown in the grid based on their delivery status. You can show all invoices, delivered invoices, or invoices that have not been delivered. You might typically select the Not Delivered status when you are ready to deliver invoices to customers. For invoices that you need to redeliver, you would select the Delivered status.

Note: The Delivery Status options are not available when viewing pending invoices; pending invoices can only be previewed. You must process the invoices before you can deliver them.Tasks

Click the following link for more information about using this form.

Editing/Processing Invoices via SM Invoice