About Setting up Required Resources for a Work Order Quote

You can set up requirements for materials, labor, equipment, and miscellaneous expenses to capture estimated costs for a work order quote.

Requirements are set up at the work order quote sequence level using the Material, Labor, and Equipment tabs in SM Work Order Quotes. You can then use the costs entered for these requirements to determine the total estimated cost for the quote sequence by selecting the Derived check box.

Note: If you prefer summarized costs for a quote scope, leave the Derived check box unchecked. You can then use the SM WO Quote Cost Detail form (accessed by click the Cost button on the quote scope) to enter summarized labor, material, equipment, subcontract, and miscellaneous cost. You can still enter Material, Labor, Equipment, and Misc requirements for the quote scope, but the costs will not be used to determine the quote scope Cost Total.

If you have set up tasks for the quote (on the Tasks tab) and the task references a Standard Task, any material, labor, equipment, or miscellaneous requirements defined for the task (in SM Standard Tasks) will be set up automatically on the corresponding tab for the quote sequence. Likewise, removing a task that references a standard task will automatically remove all material, labor, equipment, or miscellaneous requirements associated with the standard task.

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