Create a Quote from a Work Order

You can create a quote for an existing work order if one does not already exist.

Note: If a quote already exists for the work order, you can still create a quote; however, the system assumes you will create a new work order.
  1. Open the SM Work Orders form.
  2. In the Work Order field, press F4 for a list of valid work orders, and select the one for which to create a quote.
  3. Click Create Quote.

    The SM Work Order to New Quote window appears.

  4. In the Quote ID field, enter a quote ID or enter N, New, or + to have the system automatically assign the next sequential quote number.
  5. Select the New Work Order check box to create a quote for a new work order.
    The system removes the scopes grid, as the scopes will not be associated with the new work order.
  6. Enter a description of the quote in the Description field.
  7. (Optional) If you did not select to create a new work order (Step 5), the grid displays all scopes associated with the source work order. Select the Include check box to include the following fields for each scope:
    • Price Method - Select the price method for this quote sequence: F-Flat Price, T-Time and Material, D-Derived Flat Price.
    • Rate Template - The rate template for this quote sequence. Press F4 for a list of valid rate templates.
    • Price - The price that will be charged for the work covered by this quote sequence.
  8. Click Create Quote.

    The SM Work Order Quote form opens to the quote ID you have entered.

    For complete details on entering work order quotes, see Enter an SM Work Order Quote.