SM WO Quote Cost Detail Form

Use the SM WO Quote Cost Detail form to set up summarized cost estimates for a work order quote.

Access this form by clicking Details in the Budget Section of the quote scope in SM Work Order Quotes.

The system uses the labor, material, equipment, subcontract, and/or other cost estimates you set up here to calculate the total estimated cost for the work order quote scope.

Note: If you prefer to enter cost estimates at a more detailed level, use the Material, Equipment, Labor, and Misc tabs on the quote scope. You can use the detailed cost estimates to derive the Cost Total for the quote by selecting the Derived check box. If you previously entered summarized cost estimates, they will be left intact. However, when you create the work order (by approving the quote), the system will use the detailed cost estimates to populate the summarized cost estimates on the work order scope. For more information about setting up detailed cost estimates, see About Setting up Required Resources for a Work Order Quote.

Enter Summarized Cost Estimates for WO Quote Scopes