Default All

The Default All check box on the SM WO Quote Cost Detail form.

This check box is disabled if the Matl Tax Override drop-down is set to No Tax or Use Tax. However, you can manually select the Default Tax Amount? check box (unlabeled) for all cost estimate lines with values except the material cost estimate line.

Select this check box to default sales tax amounts for all cost estimates. If selected, the system auto-selects the Default Tax Amount? check box (unlabeled) for each cost estimate. Once you enter a cost estimate value, the system automatically defaults the sales tax amount for that cost estimate. If you do not enter a cost estimate, the system disables the check box for that cost estimate and leaves the sale tax amount blank.

Do not select this check box if you want to individually select which cost estimates will default a sales tax amount.

Note: This field is disabled once you approve the work order quote. If you add a new sequence to the quote after it is approved, this field is enabled for the new sequence only.