Default Tax Amount? (unlabeled)

The Default Tax Amount? (unlabeled) check box on the SM WO Quote Cost Detail form.

This check box is enabled once you enter a cost estimate and markup rate. If you selected the Default All check box, this check box defaults as selected.

Select this check box to default a sales tax amount for the cost estimate. Once you enter the cost estimate values (cost estimate and markup), the system calculates the tax amount based on the resulting pricing estimate and the tax code assigned to the service site or service center (depending on the scope's tax source).

Note: If this is a material cost estimate line and you selected No Tax or Use Tax in the Matl Tax Override drop-down (for quote scope), you cannot select this check box. However, you can still manually enter a sales tax amount.

Leave this check box unselected if you do not want sales tax automatically calculated for this cost estimate. You can manually enter a sales tax amount if desired.

Note: This field is disabled once you approve the work order quote. If you add a new sequence to the quote after it is approved, this field is enabled for the new sequence only.