Labor: Sales Tax Amount

The Labor: Sales Tax Amount field on the SM WO Quote Cost Detail form.

Enter the sales tax amount for this labor cost estimate or accept the defaulted tax amount.

The system only defaults a tax amount if you selected the Default Tax Amount? check box (unlabeled) for the cost estimate. The default tax amount is based on the tax code assigned to the service site or service center (depending on the scope's tax source) and the cost estimate's pricing estimate. You may override the defaulted amount if applicable.

Note: Overriding the defaulted tax amount deselects the Default Tax Amount? check box. If you reselect the check box, the system resets the tax amount to the original defaulted amount.
Note: This field is disabled once you approve the work order quote. If you add a new sequence to the quote after it is approved, this field is enabled for the new sequence only.