SM Work Order Quotes Form

Use the SM Work Order Quotes form to set up quotes for services you will perform on customer work orders.

Somewhat similar to the work order entry form, you will enter customer and site information, and set up scope sequences for requested work.

You can set up quotes for new customers and/or service sites and have the new customer and/or service site set up for you automatically in AR Customers, SM Customers, and SM Service Sites (respectively) by clicking the Create Customer / Site button. Additionally, when setting up a new site, if the site address is the same as the customer address, clicking the Copy button (in the Customer section) automatically populates the site address from the customer address.

You can also set up tasks that will be performed on the work order, as well as material, labor, equipment, and miscellaneous requirements, which you can use to generate a cost total for the quote sequence (by selecting the Derived Estimate button). If you prefer summarized cost totals, leave the Derived Estimate box unchecked and enter summary-level costs using the SM Work Order Quote Scope Cost form (accessed by clicking the Costs button).

Once you set up and approve a quote, it is then converted into a work order.

Note: You cannot set up work order quotes for job sites or agreements; this form is only used to set up customer work order quotes.

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