Customer: Address

The Customer Address fields on the SM Work Order Quotes form, Header Info tab.

These fields are enabled only if you left the Customer ID field blank.

If you entered a customer ID, these fields are display only and default the mailing address defined for the customer in AR Customers. Changes to this information in AR Customers will be updated to the corresponding fields here.

Enter the customer's address information in the following fields.

  • Address - Enter the mailing address. This can be either the street address or a P.O. Box.

  • Add'l Address - Enter additional address information, such as suite number, apartment, etc. If you entered a P.O. Box in the Address field, you can use this field to enter the street address.

  • City - Enter the city.

  • State - Enter a valid state (as defined in HQ States). The system validates the state based on the Default Country specified in HQ Company Setup for the active company. If not valid, an error displays, but entry is allowed. You must then enter a valid country for this state in the Country field.

  • Zip Code - Enter the zip code or postal code, up to 12 digits.

  • Country - Defaults from the Default Country field in HQ Company Setup for the active SM company. You will only need to change the default if the customer's address exists outside the default country.