Customer: Name

The Customer: Name field (unlabeled) on the SM Work Order Quotes form, header Info tab.

If you entered a work order for this quote (in the Work Order field) or you entered an existing customer in the Customer ID field, this field defaults the customer name from AR Customers and is disabled.

If you did not enter a work order for the quote, this field is enabled only if you selected the New Customer check box.

Enter the name of the customer for this work order quote. Up to 60 characters allowed.

Note: You must click Create Customer / Site to set up a new customer (in AR Customers and SM Customers) and/or service site (in SM Service Sites). If any required information is missing, the system displays a warning and you must enter the required information and then re-click Create Customer / Site. Once the new customer and/or service is created, the system clears the New Customer and/or New Site check boxes.