The Margin field on the SM Work Order Quotes form, detail Info tab.

This field displays only for Flat Price quote scopes.

Required if the Recognize Revenue as Costs Incurred check box is selected in SM Company Parameters.

Enter the expected margin percentage for this quote scope.

When you generate a work order from this quote, the margin specified here defaults for the corresponding work order scope. During the revenue recognition process, the system applies the margin to the sum of all associated costs for the work order scope to determine the revenue to recognize.

For example, if the total cost posted to the work order scope is $2,500 and the margin is 20%, the recognized revenue will be $3000 ($2,500.00 x 1.2 = 3,000.00).

Note: When recognizing revenue for flat price scopes, the system will not exceed the Flat Price amount. If the total costs plus the margin will exceed the Flat Price amount, the system will stop recognizing revenue at the Flat Price amount.