Site: ID

The Site: ID field in SM Work Order Quotes, Info tab.

If you entered a work order for this quote (in the Work Order field), this field defaults the service site from the work order and is disabled.

If you did not enter a work order for the quote, you can enter either a new service site or an existing service site as follows:

  • If you selected the New Site check box (for a new or existing customer), enter N or + in this field to have the system generate a number for you. You can also manually enter a service site ID, as long as the ID is not already in use in SM Service Sites.
    Note: You must click Create Customer / Site to set up a new customer (in AR Customers and SM Customers) and/or service site (in SM Service Sites). If any required information is missing, the system displays a warning and you must enter the required information and then re-click Create Customer / Site. Once the new customer and/or service is created, the system clears the New Customer and/or New Site check boxes.
  • If this quote is for an existing service site (existing customers only), enter the service site ID or press F4 to select from a list of valid service sites. Once you enter the customer number, the screen populates with the customer's name and address information.
Note: If you enter a service site that is not associated with the customer you specified (in the Customer: ID field), the system automatically changes the Customer: ID to the customer associated with service site you entered and clears the New Customer check box (if selected).