Material: Tax Type

Tax Type field on the Materials tab of the SM Service, SM Work Orders, and SM Work Order Quotes forms.

This field only displays when the Price Method is F-Flat Price.

Enter the tax type for this material sequence.

Accept the defaulted tax type or enter a valid tax type for the material sequence.

  • Blank

  • 1-Sales

  • 2-Use

  • 3-VAT

The options allowed depend on the Material Tax Override option selected for the agreement service, quote scope, or work order scope and the billable status.

If Material Tax
Override is:

Allowed Tax Types for Billable lines

Allowed Tax Types for Non-Billable lines


blank, Sales (US), Use (US), VAT (AU/CA), or blank

blank or Use (US)

N-No Tax

blank (no tax)

blank (no tax)


Sales (US), VAT (AU/CA), or blank



Use (US) or blank

Use (US) or blank

Note: The default for this field is determined as follows:
  • For US companies, if the service center or service site is assigned a tax code (depending on the Tax Source), this field defaults as 1-Sales. If no tax code is assigned, the tax type defaults as null.

  • For Australian and Canadian companies, the Tax Type defaults to 3-VAT.