About Canceling an SM Work Order

You can cancel an SM work order if there are no completed trips associated with it and you have not applied purchase orders against it or captured work completed.

If there are completed trips, work completed, and/or purchase orders posted to the work order, the Cancel WO button is disabled. However, if you have not posted work completed or purchase orders to the work order, or if you have not completed any trips, the Cancel WO button is enabled.

Once you click Cancel WO to initiate the cancellation process, if any open trips exist for the work order, a message displays indicating that open trips will be deleted. You are given the option to go ahead and cancel the work order or abort the cancel. Click Yes to cancel the work order, No to abort the cancel.

Once you cancel a work order, the following applies:

  • Open trips are deleted and the WO Status is set to Canceled.

  • Edits can no longer be made to the work order.

  • You cannot add trips or work completed entries to the work order.

  • Purchase orders cannot be applied to the work order.

  • Timesheet and/or timecard entries cannot be created against the work order.

You can reactivate a work order any time by clicking the Un-Cancel WO button.