About Editing Work Completed Purchase Lines

You can edit work completed purchase lines directly in the Work Completed grid in SM Work Orders or using the SM Work Completed Purchase form.

If you elect to edit work completed purchase lines in the SM Work Completed Purchase form, you can access the form by either double-clicking the purchase line or by selecting Work Completed > Purchase from the SM Work Orders toolbar.

Although you can edit most information for a purchase line, there are some limitations:

  • Changes to purchase order and cost information may only be made using SM Purchase Order Entry, PO Purchase Order Entry, or PO Item Distribution.

  • If the purchase order is for a preventative maintenance work order (work order generated via SM Generate PM Work Orders), edits to billable amounts and tax information will be allowed, but only if the associated work order scope has a Price Method of Time and Material.

  • For purchase lines associated with a non-agreement work order scope (manually added work order scopes only), where an agreement is specified at the purchase line level, edits to billable and tax amounts will be allowed.

Once you bill a work completed purchase line (i.e., generate and process an invoice), edits will only be allowed via the SM Invoice Review form.