Enter Cost Adjustments as Work Completed Lines in SM Work Orders

You can enter cost adjustments as work completed lines in the SM Work Orders form.

  1. Open the SM Work Orders form.
  2. Click on the Work Completed tab.
  3. On a new line, select the line type for the cost adjustment in the Line Type field. Available line types for cost adjustments are:
    • Equipment
    • Labor
    • Misc
    • Inventory
  4. Select the Adj check box to indicate that you would like to make a cost adjustment.

    Additional cost adjustment-specific fields appear for the line type on the Work Completed tab.

  5. In the Orig Line # field, enter the Work Completed line to which you are making the cost adjustment or press F4 to select from a list of valid work completed lines for the selected line type.
  6. In the Dest SM Co # field, enter the destination cost adjustment company. Press F4 for a list of SM companies from which to choose.
  7. In the Dest Work Order field, enter the destination work order. Press F4 for a list of customer work orders from which to choose.
  8. In the Dest Scope field, enter destination work order scope. Press F4 for a list of work order scopes from which to choose.
  9. Depending on the work completed line type for which you are doing an adjustment, fill out the appropriate field:
    • Equipment Line - Time Units or Work Units
    • Labor Line = Hrs Worked
    • Misc Line = Cost Qty
    • Inventory Line = Quantity
  10. Save the record.

Once you make the cost adjustment, the time units, hours worked, cost quantity and/or quantity figures are recalculated for the original work completed line, and the line's Has Adj check box is selected. In addition, the system selects the Adj check boxes for the work completed adjustment line and the new work completed line created for the destination work order, and sets the new line's Orig Line # field to reflect the original line number. When you bill the work order (using either SM Invoice Review or SM Work Order Billing), both the Adj and Orig Line # values appear in the detail sections for the work completed line.