About Consolidated Attachments

You can view all attachments related to a work order using the Consolidated Attachments panel in SM Work Orders.

You can display the Consolidated Attachments panel by clicking the Consolidated Attachments icon () in the top-right section of the Work Orders Tool Bar. When selected, a Consolidated Attachments panel appears on the right side of the form showing the following folders containing any graphics or documents related to the items being reviewed on the work order:

  • Customer

  • Site

  • Agreements

  • Work Order

  • Purchase Order

  • AP Invoices

Attachments listed in these folders can be documents attached to the work order record or attachments from related records. For example, if you have a document attached to a purchase order record that references the SM work order, that attachment is added to the Consolidated Attachments tab under the Purchase Order folder.

Note: If you have set up attachment types for a customer or service site in the SM Customer & Site Attch Types form, and the attachments shown in this tab match any of the attachment types and sources defined for the customer and/or service site, those attachments will be included with the invoice when using the invoice delivery feature. For more information, see SM Customer and Site Attch Types Form.