About Posting Work Completed Batches

Work completed lines entered for a work order allow you to capture all of the components related to that service call; that is, the equipment used, labor hours, miscellaneous expenses, and material usage (stocked and purchased).

Work completed lines are posted through a batch process. If you selected the Auto Post New Work Completed check box in SM Company Parameters, the system automatically creates and processes a cost posting batch when entering work completed in SM Work Orders (Work Completed tab). However, if you did not select the Auto Post New Work Completed check box, you must manually post the batch via SM Batch Process or SM Batches.

You can also use the SM Batches or SM Batch Process forms to process work completed batches that are in an unposted state due to validation errors or interruptions during the validation or posting process caused by power failure or system shutdown.

Click the links below for more information.

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