Post a Batch Using SM Batches

You can process work completed batches that are in an unposted state due to validation errors or interruptions during the validation or posting process caused by power failure or system shutdown.

Once you select a batch, the lower grid will display all transactions within the batch. You cannot remove transactions from the batch using this form. If you need to remove transactions from a batch and the batch is not in a "Posting" status, you can remove the transactions by clearing the batch in SM Batch Process. For more information, see SM Batch Process Form.
  1. Open the SM Batches form.
  2. Select the batch you want to post from the Batches grid.
  3. Click Post.
    The SM Batch Process form displays.
  4. Click Validate.
    The system validates the batch and creates the applicable audit reports.
  5. Click Preview to preview the reports or Print to print the reports.
  6. In the Posting Date field, enter the posting date or accept the default (current date).
  7. Click Post.
    The batch is posted and a message displays indicating the batch was posted successfully.
  8. Click OK to close the form.