About Preventative Maintenance Work Orders

Preventative maintenance work orders are generated automatically using the SM Generate PM Work Orders form, and apply only to those customers with which you have one or more active agreements (in SM Agreements).

During work order generation, the system uses a combination of filtering criteria to determine which services are due. Based on the services you select, the system generates work orders accordingly.

For services with the Separate Work Order check box selected in the SM Service form, the system creates a separate work order. If several services are assigned the same same service site, service center, pricing method (and rate template, if applicable), call type, and schedule date will be grouped together on the same work order/scope.

The scopes for these work orders will display the agreement and service information, as well as the pricing method and if applicable, the service price. If the agreement has a task schedule (set up in SM Agreement Task Schedule), the work order scope will also display the Task Group assigned to the maintenance task during task scheduling. These values cannot be edited, as they are based on what you defined for the agreement.

If you manually add a work order scope, the agreement-related fields are enabled, allowing you to associate the work order scope with the appropriate agreement. However, these work order scopes will be considered "add-ons" and cannot be associated with a specific service on the agreement.

  • If you manually add a work order scope and do not associate it with an agreement, the agreement-related fields are enabled for work completed lines, allowing you to enter agreement information as applicable for each line. Work completed lines not associated with an agreement will use the scope's rate template for pricing calculations.
  • Add-ons are billed separately from the agreement. Once you enter work completed lines for the work order scope, the Bill WO button is enabled, allowing you to generate and process an invoice.

For more information about generating PM work orders, see SM Generate PM Work Orders.