About Creating/Skipping Work Orders

When generating work orders in SM Generate PM Work Orders, you can specify which work orders to create and which orders to skip.

The Create check box in SM Generate PM Work Orders indicates which services in the grid will be included when generating work orders. The system automatically selects the Create check box for all services visible in the grid. If you do not want to generate work orders for all listed services, click the Clear All button, and then manually select the box for each applicable service.

The Skip check box indicates which services will be skipped during work order generation. If you select this check box, the system flags the service as 'skipped' and it becomes unavailable for work order generation. You will only be able to generate a work order for skipped services by removing the skipped status. If you only want to exclude the service for the current work order generation session, leave both the Create and Skip check boxes unselected.
Note: Selecting the Skip check box for a service/due date does not affect other due dates for the service; only the specified due date will be skipped.