About Updating Spot Coverage on Changed Work Orders

You can make certain changes to an SM work order and have the spot coverage updated for existing work completed lines.

When you make changes to a work order, the system updates spot coverage for work completed as follows:

  • Agreement / Call Type - If you change the agreement or call type on a work order scope, the system updates existing work completed lines based on the coverage defined for the new agreement or call type. If a work completed line was previously covered, but is no longer covered for the new agreement or call type, the Non-Billable check box is deselected and the billable amounts populated based on the scope's rate template or the agreement's rate template (if Agreement Rates check box is selected). If the work completed line is now covered that was not previously, the Non-Billable check box is selected and all billable amounts cleared.

    If you remove the agreement on a work order scope, any applicable work completed lines flagged as non-billable will be left as is. You can manually adjust those lines as needed..

  • Service Site - If you are not using the auto posting feature for work completed (that is, you did not select the Auto Post New Work Completed check box in SM Company Parameters), you can change the service site on a work order and the system will update the spot coverage for existing work completed lines, as long as you have not yet posted them. The system will update each work completed line based on the coverage defined for the new service site. If standard charges were added to the work order for the old service site, they are removed. If standard charges are defined for the new service site, they will be added to the work order.

If you have posted any of the work completed lines, you will be unable to change the service site unless you delete the posted work completed lines.

Note: Changes made to the work order do not affect any work completed lines that you have already billed.