About Setting up Miscellaneous Requirements

You can set up requirements for miscellaneous expenses on agreement services or work order quotes.

Miscellaneous requirements are set up using the Misc tab in the SM Service form (for agreement services) or the SM Work Order Quotes form (for work order quotes). For work orders, miscellaneous requirements are set up as miscellaneous work completed lines using the Work Completed tab.

Miscellaneous requirements defined for quotes and agreement services automatically generate miscellaneous work completed lines when a work order is generated from the quote or agreement service. These are set up with a "Provisional" status and can be edited as necessary.

Before you enter miscellaneous requirements, you must have already set up your agreement service or work order quote sequence. For more information, see Setting up Agreement Services or Setting up a Work Order Quote.

Note: If you have set up tasks (on the Tasks tab) and you assigned a standard task to one or more of the task sequences, the Misc grid will auto-populate with the miscellaneous requirements defined for each of the referenced standard tasks (in SM Standard Task). Entries may be modified as necessary.

Set Up Miscellaneous Requirements for Agreement Services

Set Up Miscellaneous Requirements for Work Order Quotes