About Work Order Scope Tasks

You can set up tasks that you perform on service work orders using the Tasks tab in the SM Work Orders form.

You can also use the Tasks tab to review tasks auto-added to a work order from a quote or an agreement. Since tasks are defined at the work order scope level, you must select the work order scope before you access this tab.

Note: For scopes with multiple services assigned, the Services column will identify the service to which the task is associated.

You can also delete tasks from a work order, as long as the work order was not generated from an agreement or quote. When you delete a task, the system automatically deletes the related labor, material, and equipment lines. If the task is associated with provisional miscellaneous work completed lines, the system will present a warning and ask if you want to continue. If you select Yes, the related work completed lines will be deleted. If a task's related miscellaneous work completed lines no longer have a provisional status, deleting the task will not delete the work completed lines; you will need to deleted them manually if you no longer want them on the work order.

For work order scopes generated from an agreement or quote, all fields are disabled except the Completed check box, Notes field, and any user-defined fields that have been added to the grid (via VA Custom Fields). You can add/edit data in these fields as needed.
Note: Once you close a scope, you can no longer add, edit, or delete tasks, regardless of whether it was manually added or generated from an agreement or quote.

Click the following link for information about setting up tasks.

Set up Required Tasks