About Editing Closed Scopes/Work Orders

Closing a work order scope prevents adding work completed or purchase orders to the scope. However, the system does allow you to make limited edits to the scope.

Although you can make changes to a work order scope after it is closed, you are limited to the edits you can make depending on the work order type:

  • Agreement - For these work orders, only the Priority, Scope Detail, Customer PO, and Insurance Code may be edited.

  • Job Work Orders - For all job work orders, you can edit the Priority, Scope Detail, and Call Type. The costing method determines additional edits allowed (i.e. Not to Exceed if costing method is Actual Cost or Rate Template if cost method is Markup).

  • Customer Work Orders - For customer work orders, you can edit the Priority, Call Type, Price Method, Customer PO, Bill To, Tax Type, Tax Code, and Insurance Code.

Once you close a work order, you will no longer be able to schedule trips, add new work order scopes, or enter work completed; however, you can invoice billable work completed or flat price scopes. In addition, the system will allow limited editing to the header. For customer and job work orders, all fields are editable unless work completed lines exist; in which case, you cannot edit the service site, service center, or costing method (job work orders only). If the work order is for an agreement, you cannot edit the service site regardless of whether work completed lines exists.