SM Work Completed Purchase Form

Use the SM Work Completed Purchase form to review or edit work completed purchase lines (created via SM Purchase Order Entry or PO Purchase Order Entry) for a work order.

Access this form by:

  • Double-clicking any Purchase line on the Work Completed tab of SM Work Orders.

  • Selecting Purchase from the Work Completed drop-down in the SM Work Orders toolbar. This option is enabled only if one or more purchase lines exist for the work order.

Note: In order to generate and edit work completed purchase lines, you must have the Purchase Order (PO) module.

The system uses the information entered for each work completed purchase line to determine the costs incurred, as well as the charge to the customer (customer work orders) or job (job work orders). Purchase lines are also used to generate invoices (customer work orders only) and update cost to Jobs (job work orders only). To generate invoices for job work orders, you must use Job Billing or Accounts Receivable (see Billing SM Job Work Orders).

If you purchased materials for a job-related work order, the system updates committed costs for the job once you post the PO (in SM Purchase Order Entry or PO Purchase Order Entry). When you invoice the PO (in AP Transaction Entry), the system updates the remaining committed costs based on the actual costs posted to the invoice. For more information about committed costs related to purchase orders, see PO Purchase Order Entry Form.

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