SM Work Order Close Form

Use the SM Work Order Close form to close multiple work order scopes or work orders.

The grid initially displays all open work orders in the system. Using the Filter Options, you can filter the work orders so that the grid only displays those work orders you want to close. You can then select all work orders or individual work orders and click Process to close them.

The Processing Settings section allows you to specify whether to delete open trips, use the next closest open month to post updates when the month (on the work order) is closed, or show Billable Remaining and Unclosed POs columns to the grid for sorting purposes.
Note: This form is similar to the SM Work Order Close form that appears when you click Close WO to close a single work order in SM Work Orders. However, this form allows you to close multiple work order scopes or work orders, and is available from the main Vista menu.

Click the following link for more information about closing work orders.

Close Multiple Work Orders / Work Order Scopes