SM Work Order Cost Posting Form

Use the SM Work Order Cost Posting form to review and post provisional work completed lines.

Provisional work completed lines are those added to a work order using any of the following methods:
  • Auto-generated from miscellaneous requirements on a quote or agreement service; from required tasks referencing a standard task with miscellaneous requirements; or from standard charges defined for a customer or service site.

  • Imported via the Imports module.

  • Manual entry in SM Work Orders (Work Completed tab) when not using the auto-batching feature (that is, you did not select the Auto Post New Work Completed check box in SM Company Parameters). For more information, see Auto Post New Work Completed.

Note: For both manual entry and imports, only work completed Equipment, Miscellaneous, and Inventory lines can be processed here. Costs for Labor work completed are posted via PR Ledger Update, and costs for Purchase lines are captured when the PO is invoiced (in AP).

Editing Work Completed

If you need to make changes to a work completed line, you can double-click the line to open the related work completed form (i.e., SM Work Completed Equipment, SM Work Completed Inventory, or SM Work Completed Misc). Once you complete your edits and close the form, click Refresh to update the grid with your changes.

Using the Grid Filter

If you have a large number of work completed lines to process, you can use the grid filter to easily locate the records you want included in a batch. For example, if want to see work completed for a specific work order, just enter the work order in the Work Order column of the filter bar and the grid will show only work completed lines for that work order. If you select lines for processing, but want to change the filter criteria to locate additional work completed lines, you can do so without affecting the lines you have already selected.
Note: To turn on the filter bar, click the Grid drop-down () in the toolbar and select Filter Bar.

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