SM Work Order to New Quote Form

Use the SM Work Order to New Quote form to create a quote for an existing work order.

Access this form by selecting Create Quote in the scope section of SM Work Orders.

The grid displays all scopes associated with the work order. You can select an individual scope or all scopes; the system only includes scopes you select. When you click Create Quote, the system creates the new quote, updates the quote number to the Quote field in the work order header, and opens the SM Work Order Quotes form so that you can modify the new quote as needed. Scopes from the work order are displayed on the Open Items tab; however, no quote scopes are created.

If you select to create a new work order from the quote, the system removes the scopes grid, since they will not be associated with the new work order. Once you edit the quote and approve it, the new work order is created.

For more information about using this form, click the link below.

Create a Quote from a Work Order