About Posted Detail: Flat Price Work Orders

When you process invoices for flat price work order scopes, the system displays the related accounting entries on the Posted Detail tab in SM Work Orders.

Although similar to posted detail entries for work completed lines, the posted detail entries for flat price work orders are handled a little differently. Flat price work orders do not require entering work completed, since billings are generated from flat price work order scopes rather than work completed lines.

When you bill the work order scope, a minimum of one revenue entry will be added to the grid for the billed amount. The number of entries will depend on the split revenue entries you defined (in SM Flat Price Revenue) for the flat price scope. For example, say the flat price for a scope is $1,000.00. You set up split revenue entries as follows:

Labor: $500.00

Other: $200

Material: $300

If you then bill the full $1,000.00, the Posted Detail grid will show three revenue entries; one for $500, one for $200, and one for $300.

Note: If you bill a work order scope in increments (e.g. 50% in one billing and 50% in a second billing), the system will generate revenue entries for each billing.

If you enter work completed lines for flat price scopes, a cost entry will be added to the Posted Detail grid for each posted work completed line for the cost amount. However, because no invoicing will occur for these lines, no revenue entries will be ever be generated for them.

The GL accounts shown in the Posted Detail grid for revenue entries are determined using a similar hierarchy as the one used for determining GL accounts for work completed lines. For more information, see Updates to GL.