Split a PDF File into Separate Files

Use the Page Splitter form to break apart multi-page PDF files that include attachments pertaining to more than one record.

Once you break a PDF into separate files, you can then either attach the broken out sections to Vista records or save them anywhere the file can be dragged.
Note: This form only splits files of type PDF.
To break one or more multi-page PDF files into separate files:
  1. Locate the PDF file(s) you want to split.
  2. Open the Page Splitter form by right-clicking in any relevant form and selecting Attachments > Page Splitter.
  3. Drag the desired files onto the Page Splitting form or browse to their location and select them.
    The Source files/pages field lists the pages of the original PDF files, with the first page selected by default.
  4. In the Source files/pages field, select one or more pages to create a new PDF file of just those selections.
    The center area displays what will be the newly created file.
  5. (Optional) Make a selection from the Attachment Type drop down.
  6. When the center area displays the selection(s) you want (you may need to scroll to confirm), drag them from the Source files/pages field to the desired location. This could be a Vista record or any other location.
    Your selections change to color gray in the list. You may still opt to select them again.
    Tip: If you are not able to drag the section to its final destination, you may need to drag it to a nearby location first and then re-locate as needed using other methods.
  7. Repeat as needed to split out additional pages or groups of pages from the same file(s).
  8. To clear the form and begin with one or more new files, click Clear Form or drag new files onto the form.

This brief video demonstrates the file splitter.

Note: You must use a browser on your local computer to view this video, and not a browser in the cloud. If you are currently using a cloud-based browser, copy this page's URL and paste it into a web browser on your local computer.