View a List of Logged On Users

You can view a list of users that are logged into the system.

To view this form, at least one of these criteria must apply to you:
  • you have form security permissions to it, or
  • the Logged On Users use Form Security check box in the VA Site Settings form is not selected.
You can take these steps starting from the Vista Main Menu or from the Menu bar of most forms.
Note: In taking the steps below, press Shift to choose consecutive rows, or Ctrl while making multiple non-consecutive selections.
  1. Navigate to Help > System > Logged On Users.
    • The header displays how many licenses of each type are in use. To learn more, see License Type.
    • The grid displays information specific to each user.
  2. You may optionally take any of several actions using these buttons:
    Release LicenseUseful for freeing up licenses not currently being used. Affected users receive a pop-up message telling them their session has expired and inviting them to log back in.
    Email All or Email UserSee Email Logged On Users for specific details and instructions.
    RefreshUpdates the grid to reflect any login status changes since you first opened the form.
    Display My Logins or Display All LoginsThe grid displays rows pertaining only to your login instance(s) or displays the login instance(s) for all users currently logged in.
If you want to learn more about user login and license usage trends, see Assess License Usage.