View System Configuration Details

You can view the system configuration details such as which database the application is on, the repository and local directory being used, and the assemblies that are currently loaded.

  1. From the Main Menu or any form menu, select Help > System > Configuration.
  2. To preview the configuration details, select File > Print Preview.
    The Print preview window opens, showing the configuration information.
  3. To print the details, select File > Print., and then in the Print window, make your selections and select OK.
    The configuration information is sent to the printer.
  4. To email configuration details, select File > Send as Email.
    Either the Outlook email form or the Viewpoint email form opens, depending on whether MS Outlook is installed and how you've set the Send Email Via SMTP check boxes in VA User Profiles and VA Site Settings.
  5. If desired, edit the Subject and Message boxes and add any additional notes as necessary. You can also add attachments if desired.
  6. Click Send to send the email.
  7. To copy the configuration details to the clipboard, select File > Copy to Clipboard.