About Customizing the Work Center Grid

The grid panel displayed in a Work Center (Dashboard, PM, SM, and Accounting) provides a list of records based on the selected inquiry and the filtering options. There are several ways to manipulate and customize this grid to quickly locate information.

  • Keyword Search - You can enter a keyword and the system will search all of the visible columns in the grid for items that contain the keyword. Columns that have been hidden will not be included in the search.

For example, if you enter "Electrical", it will locate any record with the word "Electrical" in it (e.g. Stonewall Electrical, LTD, Electrical Supplies, etc.).

  • Filter Bar - You can use the Filter Bar (right-click > Filter Bar) to filter items in the grid by specific columns and values. When you enter data in a column in the filter bar, the system refreshes the grid to show only records matching the data you specified.


If you enter "Electrical" in the filter bar, the system will search for items in that column that begin with the specified value (such as Electrical Supplies).

You can use comparison operators (<, >, <>, =, >=, <=) or wildcards (% or *) to refine your search as necessary. For example, if you enter "%Electrical", the system finds any item in that column that contains the word "Electrical" (such as Electrical Supplies, Acme Electrical, etc.). For more information about Filter Bar functionality, see Working With Grids.

  • Group Bar - You can use the Group Bar (right-click > Grouping Bar) to group the items in the grid by column heading. For example, if you are viewing an inquiry for purchase orders, you can use the grouping bar to group all purchase orders by vendor. Drag the Vendor column to the Grouping Bar and the system groups all records in the grid by vendor.
  • Export the grid to a file - You can use the grid export feature (right-click > Export Grid) to export the records displayed in the grid to a file, such as an MS Excel spreadsheet or a PDF file. For more information about exporting grid records, see Using the Grid Print Preview/Print/Export Options.
  • Customize the columns- You can customize the columns shown in the grid so that you see only the data you want, in the order you want. For example, using the Hide Column option, you can remove columns that you do not need to see. Likewise, you can use the Show Column option to display hidden columns. Other available options allow you to rename columns and auto-size them to ensure all data in each column is visible. You can also click on a column heading to sort data by that column, as well as change the sort order within the column.